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Well, what ever happened to good old fashioned courtship? Perhaps you are too young to remember but once on a type all gents used to pull out a chair for a lady, open the door and make sure she was warm enough. Many male Woodford Green escorts say that this does not happen anymore, and many ladies who date male Woodford Green escorts say that this is what they really miss.

Woodford Green escorts

Yes, sex is great but what is sex without all the things that go without. Candle lit restaurant dinners are but a memory for many ladies, and they often long for those long gone days. This is actually what many male Woodford Green escorts offer their ladies, and many of them feel very special when they receive this type of treatment.

Woodford Green Escorts spoke to a couple of male Woodford Green escorts, and they said that a couple of ladies they had dated were surprised when they opened the car door for them. This used to be part of the norm of courtship, but sadly this does not happen anymore. The male Woodford Green escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/wood-green-escorts said that there is little wonder, that many ladies are hostile towards new dates or new love interest.


Well, us ladies don’t expect you to ride up on your white stallion although this is what happened to one of my friends who married a guy from Dubai. He rode upon on his beautiful Arabian stallion, and treated her like his princess from day one. Whenever I talk to her about their relationship, she is extremely happy and it is obvious that she is still being treated as a princess.

She says her husband treats her with chivalry, and this is the first time I have heard a lady use this term. Of course, he is very rich and loves to spoil his little blonde Norwegian princess rotten.

What to do

There are many little things that men can do to let us ladies enjoy courtship or being wooed. A good idea is to arrange special little treats such as picnics, and holding open the lift door for a lady would be an improvement. I have almost lost many pairs of Bruno Magli shoes to aggressive elevator doors in capital around the world. How is that the chaps who sometimes operate the lifts at Harrods, can hold the lifts doors open for a lady?

I do wonder if it is all in the training. I don’ think men are trained any longer in courtship, and I do remember being very impressed by my ex who always insisted on opening doors and pulling out chairs. He did it so smoothly that must of the time I did not notice that he was doing it. He even insisted on a lady’s menu in restaurants. If you don’t know what that is – it is a menu without prices.

Most younger men would probably say that his actions were patronizing, and many of my girlfriends say that as well. I think he was just being polite, and courted me his way. And you know what? It was lovely…

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