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Why do so many relationships turn toxic these days? It is not only partners of the opposite sex who seem to have a problem relating to each other, it is people of the same sex as well. Staying good friends seem to be harder than ever before and we always seem to be having fall outs here at Charing cross escorts. It never used to be this way, and I am pretty sure that it is because we have less time for each other.
I know that I am personally more busy than I used to be before joining Charing Cross escorts. We do work rather long hours at the agency, and on top of that, you are always rushing around trying to get things down. We may think that life has become simpler with all of this technology that we surround ourselves, but I am not sure that it is true at all. It seems to be taking longer and we are focusing a lot more on technology.


those were my days in charing cross

Most of the girls here at Charing Cross escorts do make an effort to get on really well. In this kind of job you have to but it does not always work. As we are all so busy doing one-on-one dating, it can be tough to get other ideas together. Duo dating in this part of London is the latest craze, and I would love to say that I could do more duo dates. But, it means getting together with another girl to talk about how we are going to set the date out, and we don’t always get the time to do that. It can lead to stress.
Many of the gents that I date here at Charing Cross escorts seem to suffer from toxic relationships as well. They are kind of stressed about their lives, and do not have very good relationships with their partners. It seems to transfer over to their working lives as well, and I think that the modern office environment has a lot of negative side effects on people’s lives. Speaking to my gents, it seems that many of them feeling that they are competing with other colleagues to get into the best job and stuff like that. That also allows for toxic relationships.
I hate to say, but I think that the trend for toxic relationships will continue. Although we pretend that we get on with each other. One of the gents that I see a lot of at Charing Cross escorts says that he does not really seem to get on with his own family. Since he moved away, he seems to have drifted apart from them, and know they have separate lives. I know that it can happen, and sometimes I feel that way about my own family in Poland. We seem to be away from each for long periods, and sometimes when we meet up, we end up having huge rows. That is no good for you at all, but sadly, the same thing seems to be going on allover the world.