Alyssa’s fingers slid between Monique’s spread toes as she licked her inner thigh, her white dress fallen down to her waist, exposing her shear pink panties, darkening with the stains of her dampness. Monique let out a loud moan as Alyssa’s tongue slid down her leg and played with the hem of her panties, flicking against the throbbing pussy lips within. With one hand, Alyssa pulled down the top of Monique’s dress to expose her massive breasts and sat up, immediately seizing one, taking the erect nipple between her teeth, sucking and licking it as she pulled the pink underwear away from her soaking pussy.

The wadded up, soaked through panties landed on the hardwood floor below the black leather couch with a damp smack as Alyssa slid down to spread Monique’s waiting lips running her tongue up and down her clitoris, burying her face in the warm, musty juices of her dripping pussy. Alyssa ran her hands up Monique’s body; she loved the way the tightness of her stomach gave way to her hairless pussy on one end and her enormous succulent breasts on the other. She ran her hand on up, casually brushing her tit as she did, finding Monique’s freckled cheeks and moving on until she found her short red hair and ran her fingers through it as her tongue flicked her clit faster, make her pussy gush, and causing her to moan Alyssa’s name loudly.

Monique had been the one to initiate the whole thing. They’d come back to Alyssa’s house one evening after getting overly drunk at a local bar and Monique had confessed that she’d always loved and been slightly jealous of Alyssa’s curvy body, big, perky breasts, and straight long black hair, as she’d never been able to put on any weight, the size of her gigantic breasts caused them to hang, and if she let her red hair grow out it curled badly. Compliments were traded until Monique kissed Alyssa, and before either of them knew it, Monique had her tiny hands around Alyssa’s thick legs, buried underneath her open, soaking pussy, drinking and being covered in Alyssa’s Cum. It had become a weekly ritual since then. They no longer went out to bars to look for guys, instead they stayed home had some wine and pleasured each other the way only one another could.

Alyssa now held Monique by the waist using all her strength to bounce the petite girl up and down on her face as she licked her clit and sucked the sweet juices from her open pussy. Monique moaned as her eyes rolled back in her head and she buried her thin fingers in Alyssa’s hair. She came hard, wet, and squirting on her face buried deep within her lips. Alyssa lapped at her open dripping vulva until she’d taken and swallowed all of Monique’s cum and rested the exhausted girl back on the leather sofa.

Alyssa arranged herself onto the leather couch cushions on all fours so her bulging ass served to surround her fat, throbbing pussy hanging open, slick, and dribbling down her leg beside Monique’s face. Alyssa shook her legs making her huge ass jiggle and Monique giggled, aroused, reading Alyssa like an open book, knowing exactly what she wanted. Monique sat up, spread Alyssa’s ass cheeks, and gently slid her open hand into Alyssa’s gaping pussy.

Alyssa had closed her eyes and her mouth was hanging open as Monique’s hand closed into a fist inside of her and she began to pump. Alyssa forced herself back onto Monique’s arm, as the woman’s tiny fist disappeared into her lover’s open and willing hole. All at once, Alyssa squirted hard and long, Monique’s arm pushing her wetness out and sending it raining down on her own body.

Alyssa came four more times with Monique’s fist and arm buried deep inside her body, each time sending her cum raining down on Monique’s body the feeling of it alone forcing Monique to cum again herself twice more. As they lay their together, exhausted, cum dribbling from both of their puffy, red pussies, Alyssa held Monique in her arms running her fingers through her short red hair wondering why she would ever need a man again with such a good girlfriend, that knew her body so well, and could get her to cum in all the ways she needs.


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